Creating two processes on single node and communicating with MPI.jl

Hey there! I am new to julia and trying to get two processes to communicate on my laptop with MPI.jl can anyone help me get started. So far I’ve tried out this script:

which outputs:
Hello world, I am rank 0 of 1
Ultimately I wish to send/receive data between two processes with the help of mpi
and generate the bandwidth vs message size plot

This is a good start, it means that MPI is working ok. Try running your script from the system prompt using mpirun -np 2 julia scriptname.jl

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Thanks for the suggestion, although the exact command didn’t work, but this led me to try out this command I found in the mpi.jl documentation.

Screenshot (15)

Strangely mpirun is not getting recognized by my system, but mpiexec happens to work :slight_smile:

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