Test Explorer UI


Is there any chance of getting a Test Adapter to allow automatic unit testing in Julia with the Test Explorer extension?


In theory, maybe, but I don’t think anyone is working actively on that right now…PRs certainly welcome!


@ZacLN sent me this example of using JuliaCST parser tech (which is the brains of the VS code plug in)
to detect testsets:

You can use this kinda stuff to find testsets and then also to workout which testsets can be run independently.

That would form the basis of a great unit testing UI system.
idk if that is what Test Explorer does.


Test Explorer is a Node.js program, and the Julia plugin would probably have to be at least partly in javascript to work with the Node.js code.


Large parts of the julia extension are written in TypeScript, really only the language server and some other smaller parts are written in julia.