Technical Program Manager/Senior Engineering Manager/More @ Beacon Biosignals

Hi folks!

Beacon Biosignals is seeking a Technical Program Manager and/or Senior Engineering Manager to help manage the growth/direction of our Platform.

The tools/services that comprise the Beacon Platform drive this mission by helping us (and our clients) make sense of the vast amount of biosignal data at our disposal. Components include streaming DSP services, artifact/dataset ingest services, authentication services, the Beacon Portal (our user-facing browser application for project management, data exploration, and high-throughput EEG labeling), as well as Beacon’s unified data storage layer and its associated GraphQL API.

Of course, a lot of Platform tools/services are implemented in Julia :slight_smile:

Interested? Apply through our site, and feel free to DM me with questions here or on the Julia Slack!


This is awesome, congrats!