Tangents in Luxor.jl

I am still learning Luxor.
I find two in-built tangent functions:
circletangent2circles() makes circles of a particular radius tangential to two circles
circlepointtangent() makes circles of a particular radius passing through a point and tangential to another circle

But I do not find in-built functions for other more common tangents,
like a tangent from a point to a circle, or a common tangent of two circles.
Is there any plan to add these functions?

No… :joy:

But you could raise issues like this over at the github repository, where open issues provide a visible reminder of features that could be added should anyone have the skills and inclination to do so.

Good to know that I did not miss anything.
I leave it to your consideration whether this functionality is important.

This sounds like fun. So why don’t you

  1. Put out a challenge for Julia newbies to come up with mathematical function to solve it

  2. Convert the mathematical function to a Luxor function

  3. Perform (or ask someone else to peerform) a Pull Request to include it into Luxor

Also I noticed that there are two things currently missing from Luxor:

  1. Find out the coordinate for current position/location
  2. Find out the current coordinate system (ie. either absolute or origin/center based)
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I did both of those once in Layered.jl, someone motivated enough could just copy and modify them into a PR for Luxor https://github.com/jkrumbiegel/Layered.jl/blob/master/src/circle.jl


Yes, these two functions are also good candidates to be built-ins.
So the wishlist now contains four such items.

Thank you very much for sharing your code.
I did not know about Layered.jl, so this is also a useful pointer.

Layered had a quite specific purpose for me but I never really pushed it to become more widely useable.

I see that you have silently implemented the missing tangent functions (and more).
Thank you so much!

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