How to create a custom circle plot with arrow and a perpendicular sign for certain point?

Hi all,

I want to create an arrow that can show how many radians a certain point has been rotated, another one is a perpendicular sign from right side triangle, I do not know how to create that symbol in Julia.

Picture attached.


For the custom circle plot with arrow I already find the solution, just the perpendicular sign now:

plot!(Plots.partialcircle(0,1//4*pi,100,0.1), arrow=true)

You can try one of these

help?> ⦜
"⦜" can be typed by \Angle<tab>

help?> ⦝
"⦝" can be typed by \rightanglemdot<tab>

Don’t know if pyplot supports unicode annotations though

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Thanks, but I am using \ulcorner since Pyplot does not support neither \Angle nor \rightanglemdot.

For these kinds of diagrams Luxor.jl is probably easier to use than Plots (in case you were unaware of that package).

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I think that’s an interesting alternative, but one of the issues arising would be the dichotomy between “maths mode” graphics and “computer graphics mode” graphics. Plots.jl enables “maths mode” (origin at the centre, y-axis up the page, unit circle fills the screen, etc), whereas Luxor imposes “computer graphics mode”: a 1-unit circle drawn in Luxor would draw a tiny pixel-or-two at the top left of the screen, and moving 5 units in y would move that pixel-or-two down the screen by 5 pixels or so. In other words, it would be necessary to “convert” the maths mode coordinates and conventions to computer graphics mode screen/PDF/PNG coordinates at some point. It’s simple enough, but requires a bit of extra work…

It’s possible to make maths-style diagrams like this of course. Here’s one I did in Luxor a few years ago:


Cool animation.

Good point about having to translate to a different type of coordinate system. But Luxor is easier for mathematical diagrams in other ways; for example, you can shift the origin around, which simplifies the construction of sub-diagrams within your diagram.

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I am aware but never try it, thought that Plots and Pyplot is enough.

Wow that is really great simulation for Trigonometry + Pythagorean with circle…

I want to learn to create it. Any reference ? I have mathematics background and want to do higher learning in Mathematics and Physics.

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Cool! You’ll want to check out Javis.jl if you’re interested in animations.

Both Javis,jl and Luxor.jl have loads of documentation to help you get started.

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That’s really a great package Javis.jl, I just check it out now. Thanks