Code completion in nteract not working?


I just started learning Julia on JuliaAcademy and downloaded JuliaPro and nteract like they suggested.

As I’m following along and messing around with the notebooks in nteract, I noticed that tab completion doesn’t work like they say in the notebook.

Now granted, the tutorials are probably out of date, because they mention going to, which has apparently been discontinued.

I found this issue though in the nteract github repository, which mentions that nteract uses Ctrl + Space for code completion, which didn’t work for me either.

So my question is, what should I know or what am I possibly doing wrong?

Ah, I forgot to mention, it’s not working for any code, not just for the emoji.

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See also this (later) nteract issue. Seems to be work in progress.

I see. Thanks!