Tab completion and Unicode names for values not in Julia Documentation

I am using the book Julia as a Second Language and at points it uses symbols with Unicode points not included in the Julia documentation (see Unicode Input · The Julia Language). Specifically, it uses several from the Box Drawing Block (U+2500 - U+257F), e.g., U+2500, U+2502, U+251C, U+253C, and U+2524, that are not included there. Does anybody know if there is a way to use tab completion with these symbols?

Doesn’t look like it. You can check for tab completion by pasting the symbol into the help prompt:

julia> '\u2500'
'─': Unicode U+2500 (category So: Symbol, other)

help?> ─

Couldn't find ─

Of course, you can always add new completions. For example, to tab-complete from \boxh, add:

julia> using REPL: REPLCompletions

julia> REPLCompletions.latex_symbols["\\boxh"] = "\u2500"