SystemError: mmap the operation completed successfully issue with SharedArrays

I am confronting a very weird problem when parallelizing some function. The following MWE shows the problem

using Distributed, SharedArrays

big_array = rand(100,11,20000)

function donothing(a)
   shared_array = convert(SharedArray,a)

for i=1:1000

This function is being called by another function in an iterative procedure. In the first iteration it works, but in the second iteration I get the following error

SystemError: mmap: The operation completed successfully. 
#windowserror#45(::Nothing, ::typeof(Base.windowserror), ::Symbol, ::Bool) at error.jl:148
windowserror at error.jl:148 [inlined]
#mmap#1(::Bool, ::Bool, ::typeof(Mmap.mmap), ::Mmap.Anonymous, ::Type{Array{Float64,3}}, ::Tuple{Int64,Int64,Int64}, ::Int64) at Mmap.jl:218
mmap(::Mmap.Anonymous, ::Type{Array{Float64,3}}, ::Tuple{Int64,Int64,Int64}, ::Int64) at Mmap.jl:186
_shm_mmap_array(::Type, ::Tuple{Int64,Int64,Int64}, ::String, ::UInt16) at SharedArrays.jl:670
shm_mmap_array(::Type, ::Tuple{Int64,Int64,Int64}, ::String, ::UInt16) at SharedArrays.jl:649
#call#3(::Bool, ::Array{Int64,1}, ::Type{SharedArray{Float64,3}}, ::Tuple{Int64,Int64,Int64}) at SharedArrays.jl:118
Type at SharedArrays.jl:105 [inlined]
Type at SharedArrays.jl:357 [inlined]
convert at SharedArrays.jl:369 [inlined]
donothing(::Array{Float64,3}) at mwproblem.jl:8
top-level scope at mwproblem.jl:12