SymPy.jl: how to get non-zero assumptions?

in the following, c should be assumed non-zero for the solution x = 1 /c :

import SymPy
const sympy = SymPy.sympy

julia> eqn = sympy.sympify("x * c - 1")
c⋅x - 1

julia> sol = sympy.solve(eqn, SymPy.Sym("x"))
1-element Array{SymPy.Sym,1}:

the problem is, how could I automatically get this assumption upon calling sympy.solve()?


I don’t think even does that:

>>> solve(c * x - 1, x)

u mean, SymPy could not tell me the assumptions needed?

So it looks. You may want to ask the python sympy community if there is a solution for your problem.

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then a dumb question: which/where is the most active Python SymPy discussion group?

You can find the pointers for the mailing list and repository here.

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