The step-by-step of the SymPy package procedure

I am reading the tutorial of the SymPy package. I would like to know if there is a way to show the step-by-step calculations that the package performs. For example, we know that this works well:

using SymPy
x = symbols("x")
integrate((x^4 + x^2*exp(x) - x^2 - 2*x*exp(x) - 2*x - exp(x))*exp(x)/((x - 1)^2*(x + 1)^2*(exp(x) + 1)), x)

But I would like to know which were the different procedures (integration methods, algebraic manipulations, etc.) that were used to arrive at the result. Perhaps SymPy does not offer this option, but do you know of another solution?

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What do you get if you do the same calculation directly in

The Julia module is just bindings to that.

This question might be more appropriately answered
on a Python/SymPy forum.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Would this site be the most appropriate? Or is there another, more specific one?

I’m not a SymPy user but you might start by working through
the tutorials and documentation to understand what it does
and how to use it. I think that might give you the understanding
to solve your problem/question. It is written in Python so you
could possibly look at the source or trace the operation to see
what is being run…?

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