Survey: Color options for type relations in Julia Color Themes

Thanks to @pfitzseb, it is now possible to customize the color of type relation symbols (:: <: >:) in VS Code. I’m considering changing the color of these symbols in my Julia Color Themes VS Code extension. Currently, type relations are colored red and types are colored magenta, so the contrast between types and type relations is not very good. I’d like to get some feedback from the community on which color choice is preferred.

I’m currently considering three different colors for the type relation symbols:

  • Red (the status quo)
  • Blue
  • Orange

Here are some screenshot examples:




Which color do you all prefer for the type relation symbols?

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Other

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Orange is from the same part of specter (purple types and red command words) so it do not stand out as blue. On the other hand, it has different meaning compared to command words, so it should not be red.

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Well, currently all operators and relations are colored red, except for the boolean short-circuit operators, which are colored green.

The orange option shown in the screenshot above seems to have a nice symmetry to me, but I don’t want to bias the voting results…

Anyone else want to vote?