Suggestion needed: Tree like structure for adaptive binning of multidim data

Hi everyone,

i need to perform adaptive binning of multidimensional data, in an online fashion.
as far as i understand i need a dynamic kd-tree,

is there something in the julia ecosystem that implements a structure resembling what i need?

Nothing that I’m aware of, but you might find something that suits your needs in

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There is KDTree in

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Thank you both!
unfortunately none of the suggestions apply…

OnlineStats offers no multidimensional adaptive tree,
while NearestNeighbors offers only static trees…

Thank you anyway

How about RegionTrees?


I just remembered that I’ve actually implemented something along those lines before

I never ended up finishing it, but it could give you some hints if you’re ending up needing to implement something.

It adaptively splits the space into new cells as data arrives, and maintains a quadratic model of the data in each cell.


both packages seem useful, i will look into it :slight_smile: thank you guys