Subs for Matrices in SymEngine


I am using SymEngine but unable to substitute values when the symbols are in a matrix.
My code is as follows:

a,b,c = symbols(“a b c”)
e1 = Array{Symbol,1}
e1 = [a^2, b^2, c^2]
e2 = subs(e1, a=>2, b=>1, c=>3)

The error I get is:

no method matching subs(::Array{Basic,1}, ::Pair{Basic,Int64}, ::Pair{Basic,Int64}, ::Pair{Basic,Int64})

Somehow the type Symbols changes to Basic and prevents substitution.
Thanks for the help!

Use broadcasting: subs.(e1, a=>2, b=>1, c=>3). (For older versions of Julia you might need to inhibit broadcasting through the pair. The syntax a .=> 2 will prevent that among other options.)

Thanks a lot! Works!