Strictly for fun: TSP images with Julia

(Because we can’t all be as good as @cormullion, but you gotta start somewhere…)

I put together a small personal project to generate TSP-style images in Julia. The classic example is the TSP Mona Lisa, though I should be up front that my implementation chokes on instances about 1/50th that size and doesn’t solve anything to certified optimality. Nonetheless I think the output it generates is kinda cool:

Big thanks to the many contributors to LightGraphs, Gadfly, and Images; those packages do all the hard work :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s awesome. I’ll definitely be stealing re-using some of your code! :slight_smile:


Looks awesome! Reminds me of this kaggle challenge:

Btw seems like your Mona Lisa link is broken or is it just for me?

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Wow, what a cool Kaggle challenge. And sort of charming to see William Cook’s team atop the leaderboards by just throwing the problem to Concorde :slight_smile:

The Mona Lisa link was originally broken but works for me now.

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Haha yeah it was a fun one. I visualized one of my tours:

It was actually very funny that some people asked whether we can use the concorde solver for it and asked William Cook which made him aware of the challenge and was Top 1 a week after that :smiley: