Streamplots: Streamlines to be plotted from a streamfunction matrix

Hello all, I have a streamfunction \Psi that is known in a matrix from (it has been calculated using finite differences with even gridspaces in x and y), and I am trying to understand how to produce streamline plots in Julia.

I think the Makie Library could be useful, but I don’t know how I could make it work using a matrix of streamfunction \Psi values (The documentation for Makie states that a function f should be defined to produce a 2D point, I think f could be the velocity vector but I am unsure and wouldn’t know how to interpolate in the right way to get the plots)

So far I have used contour plots along with quiver to draw scaled arrows and the workaround is not fit for publication standard. Any example code would be very warmly received and any help would be much appreciated.