Plotting dynamical systems trajectories

I think everybody here saw the trajecotires of a dynamical system plotted as shown on the picture

, with those pretty arrows. I have stumbled across some solutions overlapping to the trajectories the vector field, but it’s not something closer. Is there a neater solution to come closer to those plots shown here?


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Tried Makie.jl streamplot?


@chakravala thanks for the hint. I didn’t try on Makie but from my experience in matplotlib (it should be similar in Makie), you have no control on how the lines appear, the goal of streamplot is to show the flow, not a single trajectories with arrows on top of it.

If it doesn’t satisfy you, I’m sure you could hack something together with the same API but with your own customized trajectories.

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yes i will take a look at the code to hack something and then share, i think it could be useful.