Strange Glib_jll behavior

My reseach cluster underwent big changes recently. I was running into errors with my Julia code and have started fresh with a new juliaup installation. I’m still getting some strange behavior that I think I’ve isolated is related to the Glib_jll package. If I start Julia and using Glib_jll I get the error

ERROR: InitError: could not load library "/home/bojohn/.julia/artifacts/1cfe0ebb804cb8b0d7d1e8f98e5cda94b2b31b3d/lib/"
/home/bojohn/.julia/artifacts/1cfe0ebb804cb8b0d7d1e8f98e5cda94b2b31b3d/lib/ undefined symbol: g_pattern_spec_copy

followed by a stacktrace. If I do one more using Glib_jll there is no further error, it looks like the libgobject library is found, and all my code works properly. I’ve read in several places I can start Julia by emptying my LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable and start Julia, which I’ve done and using Glib_jll doesn’t show any errors. This works fine if I am working in the terminal and I can alias julia to something like LD_LIBRARY_PATH="" julia and not worry about those errors, but the issue persists when I’m running code in VSCode, either with the Julia Extension or in a Jupyter Notebook. These two methods don’t seem to allow me to start using them by some sort of alias like in the terminal and I need to run all code twice in order for the error to go away. Any suggestions on how to permanently fix this error or at least allow VSCode to run Julia by first unsetting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable?

I fixed the issue by add Glib_jll@2.68.3