Strange error when passing a DataFrame to pmap

Hi there! I am having an error when parallelizing my code with the Distributed library from which I use pmap. The following code might seem a bit strange but it is a (as much as possible) simplification of what I was running.

The main issue is that the code works with map() function but not with pmap() function. I will first provide the code then the error.

using Distributed
for i in workers()
using CSV
@everywhere using DataFrames
@everywhere using Printf

function GenData(x::Array{Float64,1}, hourly_utility::DataFrame)

    @everywhere function utility_gen(util::Int64, hourly_utility::DataFrame)

        for y in collect(2012:2020)

            @printf("utility is %d and year is %d \n", util, y)



    utilities = [195, 3046, 3265, 5416, 5860, 6452, 6455, 6909];
    fit_results_hourly = pmap(u -> utility_gen(u, hourly_utility), 

hourly_utility ="/users/utility_hour_for_Julia.csv", DataFrame);
GenData([2.18, 4.68, 0.01, -0.02, 1.28, 0.58], hourly_utility)

If I run it it will raise the following error:

However if I instead use map instead of pmap it will run.
Can someone please provide me with some help to understand why this is happening?
Thanks a lot!

The error is related to InlineStrings not being in scope.

InlineStrings is exported by the CSV package, and that using line doesn’t have an @everywhere in it. So the other processes don’t have access to InlineStrings.
Changing that to @everywhere using CSV should fix this issue.