Store Julia version in Manifest?

I wonder whether it would make sense to store the Julia version in the Manifest.toml as well? I’m aware one can put a Julia compat entry in the Project.toml, but my understanding is compat entries kind of serve a different purpose, whereas the Manifest is supposed to provide an entirely specified and reproducible environment, in which case I think you’d want the Julia version in there too.

Eg I just ran into a case where I was revisiting some old code, and even with the exact package versions instantiated from the Manifest I had saved back in the day, I had to downgrade Julia to the version I was using then for it to work without error, which in this case I had to do by guessing since it wasn’t recorded anywhere.

I guess one question is what should happen if you load a Manifest with a different Julia version? Perhaps a warning should be issued but otherwise things should continue, since most likely it should still work (my case is probably an exception, not the rule). Then perhaps a resolve should actually update the Manifest with the currently running Julia version?

Couldn’t find this discussed anywhere so figured I ask here before maybe filing an issue.


I think Julia v1.7 does it?


So it does, love when my issues are resolved before I even ask them :slight_smile: