Is the Julia version specified in 'Project.toml'?


The new package manager is great for reproducable research as it makes it easy to recreate the same (package) environment.

I was wondering if/how the julia version itself can be specified. I could not find this information in the Project.toml or Manifest.toml file. I’m not thinking of a full-fledge package with a REQUIRE file (which in my understanding will be depreciated soon?), just a normal project.


See the compatibility section of the manual. TL;DR:

julia = "1.0"

Unfortunately that does not seem to be respected when instantiateing.

Thanks a lot for the link to the new documentation!

I’m a bit confused with this part part from the docs:

If the compatibility for a dependency is not given, the project is assumed to be compatible with all versions of that dependency.

Do I understand correctly that instantiate will still always install the exact same versions as specified in the Manifest.toml, but that for the creation of the Manifest.toml any version can be used?