Stipple questions: multiple access, auth, editable tables, routing


I’ve been reading as much docs I could find about Stipple. It looks really cool. I want to try it in a project and for that I have the following questions:

  1. In the examples I’ve noticed the application state is stored in the ReactiveModel object, which I find very useful. What would happen if two users log in at the same time and modify the states of the ReactiveModel? Is there independence? If not how do you achieve this?

  2. Is there a quick example showing the use of a login page with Genie?

  3. I have the need to allow users to edit tables and process back the result. Is there an element to do this?

  4. Is there an example on how to use routing coupled with a navbar and multiple pages? Is it recommended to use a handler to modify the display of the root page or different functions depending on the route?


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