Stem plot in Makie.jl

Is there current a function that creates stem plots in Makie.jl, or would I have to DIY it? In case it is unknown, it is simply a line from x=0 to the y value with a marker at the end, and it is good for representing a discrete signal, e.g. in the context for fourier transformations.

If there isn’t, i could put my upcoming DIY in a PR, but nobody should expect it to be elegant :laughing:

There is now. It’s called stem.

It was me who created this issue. But yes, the issue is resolved :smiley: , thanks a lot to @jkrumbiegel !

Oh, sorry :smiley: I knew I saw your name somewhere, but just couldn’t figure out where…

No problem, I would not expect everyone to cross-refecence names :slight_smile: Good job on calling it out for anyone else looking for this, and for adding the practical link, and for pinging me to update Makie (I have been anticipating this feauture, but have not seen the new release get tagged).

I don’t know about Makie, but AbstractPlotting got a release immediately after the merge request was merged. So stem is already usable, as long as you don’t have some old version pinned due to other package dependencies.

Alright. Would that mean that I had to add using AbstractPlotting in addition to my preferred Makie package?

No, AbstractPlotting is a dependency of Makie. It should be updated by ] up as well.