Standard Package Statistics not found during testing oneAPI

Hi all,
I am new to julia gpu programming. I just run the steps in readme of oneAPI.jl and when i run:
(@v1.5) pkg> test oneAPI
Then I get the error: ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: ArgumentError: Package Statistics not found in current path:

  • Run ‘import Pkg: Pkg.add(“Statistics”)’ to install the Statistics package.

I have already tried many times to add Statistics in Pkg environment, but it still does’nt work. Can anyone please help me? I dont know what was going wrong.

Thanks in advance

Did you read the second and third statements of the Readme?

This package is under heavy development, and not ready for general use.

You need to use Julia 1.6 or higher, and it is strongly advised to use the official binaries. For now, only Linux is supported.

Whether or not the first one should keep you from using is I’m not sure, but it seems you’re at least failing on point 2 as you are using Julia version 1.5? (Current release is 1.7.1)

Thanks for your answer. I will upgrade my julia to the newest version and test it again.

That error was not occured again after i upgrade julia to 1.7.1. Thanks again!

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