Cannot add package StatPlots in JuliaPro (Julia

In my recently installed JuliaPro (Julia, when trying to add the StatPlots package, I get the following error:


I’m behind a proxy, but the sys vars HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY are correctly set (both using “http://”) and I’ve already successfully added the Plots package.

I’m trying to work through this tutorial: which uses these packages. Thanks.

While unfortunately I can’t help with the git error, I did want to quickly mention that the tutorial you linked to takes the - in my view - slightly unusual approach of mainly using Julia to call Python and R (and indeed does all ML-related things in Scikit-learn).

You might want to consider going through Chris Rackauckas’ excellent Data Science Intro instead, and look at Flux.jl for getting started with ML in Julia!

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Thanks for the suggestion, @nilshg. Yes, I’ve had my eye on Rackauckas’ Workshop/Tutorial, but was using the Analytics Vidhya “Comprehensive Tutorial to Learn Data Science with Julia from Scratch” to wet my toes.
Main problem so far has been just getting my Julia environment set up properly for the purpose. Appreciate the encouragement to switch to Rackauckas, and the recommendation of Flux!