StackOverflowError() while compiling a package with PackageCompiler.jl

Hello, I am trying to compile a private package and got this error

_ZNK4llvm5Value20stripInBoundsOffsetsENS_12function_refIFvPKS0_EEE at C:\Users\guilhermebodin\AppData\Local\Programs\Julia-1.6.4\bin\LLVM.dll (unknown line)

Does anybody have an idea where the issue might be to compile the package.

The precompilation_execution_file runs with no problem.

Is this the full log? It contains few information and it’s hard to draw any useful conclusion. Maybe it’s related to this issue Also see my comment there. I notice that you are using Julia 1.6.4. Can you try a newer Julia (Julia 1.7)? It seems that Julia 1.7 has a much longer and detailed stack trace than Julia 1.6.