Stack Overflow open source advertising

Each year the StackOverflow folks ask for a graphical ad for an open source programming project. Now they’re asking for new ideas:

Since I did the previous two ads for 2017 and 2018 I thought it would only be fair for someone else to have a go for 2019.

So unleash those creative juices and get designing!


I applaud the man (meaning human) that will dare carry on the legacy of @cormullion. Everyone is well aware of your skills! :smiley:


I think you did a great job previously, and if you are still willing to do it and no one else steps up, it would be great if you want to do an ad again.


Since there were no takers (:sweat_smile:) I put together an ad and posted it. If you like it (and/or want to support Julia), please upvote it; if you don’t like it, please downvote and comment (feedback is the sauce that makes the internet better…!).

I nicked the idea from Scott (@swt30) Thomas’ work at JuliaCon2018 - I thought it might be an interesting angle to investigate visually.


I’m a fan of the idea. The only concern I have would be the scale at which the ad gets displayed. If its a lot smaller, then the text on the left side might be too squished together.

If I may (hopefully not rudely) offer some food for thought, the idea of naming a bunch of fields might work well with an effect like this: julia names in Base thistle | all the names in Julia Base as… | Flickr.