Stack OverFlow-athon starting Wednesday June 30th, 7 AM CST

Hey folks! One of the things that has been most beneficial to my Julia learning journey has been posting on Stack Overflow. I try to find questions from other prominent languages or libraries and ask / answer the analog version in Julia. This not only helps me learn a ton but also has massive long tail dividends for the community. In that vain, I will be hosting a weekly live stream and doing these Q/A posts live to try and help motivate other folks to do so too!

Come drop by and let’s ask / answer some Julia questions on Stack Overflow together!


I would also love to have other folks co-host or run these sessions since I will inevitably be busy. Please ping me if you are interested!

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That sounds great! Time is too early for me, but I’ll try the approach of poaching equivalent questions from other languages.

The Q/A-athon (and anyone participating outside of that time) could also hunt down deprecated pre-v1.0 answers or dead links. Looks like these should become easier to identify efficiently with the Outdated Answers project as it ramps up.

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Great idea, I’ll be sure to mention that as well.