Stability of system of periodic delay differential equations

Hi All,
I want to analyze the stability of a system of delay differential equations. I have tried to dive into some of the literature on this but frankly it’s over my head mathematically. I have tried to implement a published numerical routine to calculate Floquet exponents for a system of DDEs, but I don’t fully trust my implementation. Does anyone know of any Julia packages that could achieve this? NEP-PACK.jl seems like it could be promising, but I thought I’d ask for some advice before I dive into that package.
I asked a similar question over at stackexchange (numerics - Floquet theory for periodic delay differential equations: current numerical routines - Computational Science Stack Exchange), but I understand this is a pretty niche question so I thought I’d ask here as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We don’t have a method for calculating Floquent exponents in DelayDiffEq.jl, so I think you can use the solvers if you need one, but then the analysis of the solution would need to be hand-rolled.

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