SSD & HDD set up

I am installing Julia on a new computer with an SSD drive for rapid access and an HDD for slower access.
Given the package size, I’d like to put Julia on the ssd and .julia on the HDD, but do not know how to point Julia to look there for packages and to evaluate for updates.
Any tips would be welcome.

I don’t have your answer. You should add the Operating System to your question.

The OS is Win 10, which places the user folders on the same drive as the OS by default. I’ve manually created an alternate user file location on the HDD, but do not know how to coax Julia to use it during installation, so
Base.Pkg.dir is a folder on the C:, aka the SSD drive.

What is the HDD path where you want the subdirectory .julia (which is where the packages go, not where the binary and the Julia system files go)?

I’d like .julia to go to D:\Users\user_nm.julia, instead of C:\Users\user_nm.julia

Just copy the .julia folder over and add a soft symlink from C:\... to D:\...

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This seems easy enough to implement and will not require separately setting up the environment for each Julia version.

It is also possible to set the JULIA_DEPOT_PATH environment variable.