Global JULIA_PKGDIR but install packages locally

Hi all,

I wanted to see if I could have the following configuration in Julia in regards to the package structure.

The goal is to have julia and the package source code installed into a directory mounted on a NFS mounted drive. The julia installation works perfectly fine, except now I’m running into issues with attempting to share packages between users. I’ve set up a packages directory called ‘packages/v0.6’ that has all the source code and the JULIA_PKGDIR environment variable points to ‘packages’. The issue is now that the packages will compile to this shared ‘packages/lib/v0.6’ which has rw permissions for user only.

A solution I’m looking for is maybe looking for the packages in this ‘packages/v0.6’ directory and installing them into a users home folder. From what I understand, the permissions of the compiled modules being 600 are within the Julia code and for a reason I’m unsure of.

Edit: I should note that I’m using Julia 0.6.2

Any ideas on this?

You can use the Base.LOAD_CACHE_PATH for this. In other words, each user can have there own folder with their own .ji files. See also: