SQLAlchemy.jl Resurrected


As complaining about SQL is one of my favorite pastimes, I’ve found that it made my life a whole lot easier to make SQLAlchemy.jl work again. So much work has been put into sqlalchemy that it seems crazy not to use it. I always seem to be using some flavor of SQL that currently has poor support in Julia. SQLAlchemy does come with its own unique set of problems however. It absolutely sucks at getting metadata (i.e. what are the names and data types of the columns resulting from a query?). Part of this is a SQL problem, but part of this is also a Python problem. I have done various work to make this a little more manageable, though there seem to be some fundamental limitations.

This is only for running queries, currently it has no ORM functionality. Currently the code in my master very much follows my tried-and-true programming philosophy of “Just do it, don’t test it, if it breaks who cares just fix the damn thing.” which is the primary reason why I didn’t just make PR on @malmaud’s original repo.

Is there any broader interest in using this? @malmaud, is this something you’d like to merge, or perhaps I should just spin off into a different package? Any other similar efforts out there that I’m not aware of?


Glad you’re looking into it! I’m happy to make you a contributor to the package and move it one of the Julia orgs - how’s that sound?


Sure, whatever seems appropriate. Do you want me to make a PR to your original repo? It certainly requires more extensive testing, and frankly I may not really have the time to set that up…