Splitting polygons into narrow and wide parts

Hey everyone,

I’m interested in a general polygon splitting algorithm that is able to identify very narrow regions and can split up narrow from wide regions.
I found this via google:

and was wondering whether this is something often used in geospatial data analysis.

Is this an algorithm that exists in the Julia ecosystem or does anyone know a paper that describes an algorithm like this? Any kind of ideas for this problem are appreciated also when they are outside the box :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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Do you need this for something (what?) or is it simple curiosity?
If I had to do it I would try something like:

  1. calculate the angle between the polygon vertices
  2. “cast” rays from those vertices inside a cone (to try to better find the perpendicular to each segment).
  3. compute the intersection of those rays with the other side of the polygon.
  4. pick the shortest distance and use that a threshold to the decision.

I’m interested in the application of 3d printing where these narrow areas can’t be filled with infill. I was thinking about some approach of computing the skeleton of the polygon.

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Yep, thought on skeleton too but at the end it will be the same. Need to compute distances between the skeleton and the and the polygon boundaries.