DIvide a Polygon Area in small pieces

Hi everyone ,I’m doing a momentum curvature usign Popovic’s Model and found a big problem beacuse to divide a polygon(convex or concave) into small fiber like this image but with more lines:

it’s not so easy to do an algorithm. I did a file when the polygon is rectangular and find the gravity center, perimeter and intersection points but for more general case my code doesn’t work, I’d like to know an algorithm or code, if it’s posible in julia or other language to learn how to do it.

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Not sure I understood your problem statement completely, but what I usually use for cutting a polygon up into more manageable pieces is a Delaunay Triangulation.

Hi Sukera,I want to get like this image :

Not just for one line, I wanna divide for more lines and get the parts of the polygon( center of gravity, perimeter). I wanna learn an algorithm or code in julia, if it’s possible to do it in julia.

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See the Luxor.polysplit function, perhaps.

Thank you so much, stevengj. I’ll take a look this package ( Luxor.polysplit).

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