SpinControl.jl package is not found in project julia version 1.6

What julia version is required to get the package SpinControl.jl?

Do you mean this package: GitHub - Neuromancer43/SpinControl.jl: A Julia package to simulate the open-system dynamics of a noisy spin qubit driven by customable quantum control protocols. ?

The package has no version bounds, so it can be installed in any Julia version (provided that its dependencies are compatible with that Julia version). What did you try?

I can install it on Julia 1.6 without problems, by typing (in the REPL)

] add https://github.com/Neuromancer43/SpinControl.jl

The package isn’t registered, so just ]add SpinControl won’t work.

Thank you very much I was just trying add that’s why it was not working. Now, I have to give the GitHub link also as you suggested. Many thanks for the answer.