Specify Julia enviroment in PyJulia?


I am using PyJulia to link Python with Julia. In Python I am using a virtual enviroment (not Conda based) inside of Python in which I am calling PyJulia - this works completely fine.

Inside of the virtual enviroment I have now activated a new Julia project, in which I can install Julia packages in - this also works.

The issue occurs when I try to import specific Julia packages, then it allows me to get access to Julia packages from the main installation when I only want to allow Julia to get packages installed in the virtual enviroment / activated enviroment.

Not completely sure how I do an easy MWE of this case, but I hope some one has experienced the same before and solved it. I think it is quite similar to:

But I don’t think I am doing it completely right, since I don’t understand this line clearly:

 # must be done before PyJulia initialization

Hope someone can help!

Kind regards