Sparse cholesky factorization with user permutation (Julia 1.1)

The sparse cholesky factorization does not generally keep the user permutation given as parameter.
SuiteSparse performs post ordering which is not disabled (as far as I can tell) in the current Julia interface to SuiteSparse when a user permutation is given as parameter.
My impression is that the sparse cholesky should not permute the factorization of A when a user permutation is given as 1:size(A,1).

“fact_” method in SuiteSparse/cholmod.jl has a “postorder” keyword argument, but that is not set to false in “cholesky” method when cholesky is called with user permutation argument defined.

This can be easily tested by creating a random sparse positive definite matrix A and calling “cholesky” with user permutation set as 1:size(A,1). All cases I have tried for 10x10 matrices has permuted the factorization.


Indeed, see