Source code from "Julia: Dynamism and Performance Reconciled by Design"?

The paper [pdf] “Julia: Dynamism and Performance Reconciled by Design” shows relative performance (Fig 7) of some Julia implementations of benchmarks game programs — pidigits, regex, revcomp, …

Are those Julia programs available / public domain?


Thank you.

I’ve been able to adapt 8 of those 11 tiny programs to do what the benchmarks game measurement scripts expect.

Doesn’t have any write or print statements, so it fails the output check.

Does have write statements but ERROR: no method matching write.

We changed the requirements, and I haven’t yet been able to make the Julia program match the new requirements. Probably something obvious, but…

I’d welcome suggestions on how to get fasta and revcomp and binarytrees to work.

The Julia fasta program has similarities to this Ruby program.

edit I have now fixed the Julia binarytrees program for the new requirements.

I have now fixed the no method matching write error in the Julia revcomp program (changed write(line) to write(stdout,line) etc).

Unfortunately the Julia revcomp program does not produce correct output.