SomeType{T} where T:>SomeOtherType



Is there good documentation about what this means:

SomeType{T} where T:>SomeOtherType

and more generally:

SomeType{T} where SomeOtherType<:T<:YetAnotherype

I get this strange? result:

julia> Vector{Number}<:Vector{T} where String<:T<:Number

but String is not a subtype of Number.
and I would expect this type to be the empty set.

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Documentation is in the manual.

I am also surprised by what you get, since

julia> Vector{Number} <: (Vector{T} where T >: String)

(also, please use backticks to quote code)


This may be related:


Thank you @Tamas_Papp
This is the same problem.

I have edited my post to quote code properly.