Something I like about Julia that I dont have with other langs

Hi. Ive settled into using Julia for my general scripting needs. And i realized that theres something that makes it really nice for me to use.
I understand all the code i use.
With other languages, i quickly encountered ways of doing things that i just had to reproduce so that i could get something to work. But sometimes i didnt understand that code even after some research to get my head around it. so i just copied the pattern and moved on. I even had this with some aspects of Python. Im not pro so im allowed to give up on such things.
With Julia, I understand all the patterns i have had to use. Because of this i have been able to creatively reuse those patterns in other ways. I find that learning new patterns leads to me writing code differently, in general.
The result is that i can do more things off the top of my head, instead of searching for ways of doing things. Its the pleasure of not having to stop to check the map. That really makes Julia stand out from other languages ive used.