Meta: Could We Have an Appreciation Tag or Category?

Hi all,

Every so often I see posts that are appreciation posts for packages, people, or the Julia ecosystem.
Would it be possible to have a tag or category for appreciation posts?
It would be nice to have these grouped together to perhaps have on hand for newcomers to the language about why certain things are nice in or about the Julia ecosystem


~ tcp :deciduous_tree:

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There’s already an #appreciation tag and if I remember right any regular member can create tags and apply them as they see fit.

I don’t think a dedicated category quite works, but I’m torn on whether this is #community or #usage. Or maybe it’d even fit in more specific categories if, say, I’m expressing #appreciation for #tools:vscode. As I think on this more, I think it’s just fine to have these scattered throughout multiple categories.

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Ah that’s fair.
Yea, it’s a bit tough - like today I saw this: Something I like about Julia that I dont have with other langs Which is great but yea, could it go for usage or for community?
It’s not quite community but not quite usage so that prompted my thinking about posing the question of a category or something here in this post.
I will admit I completely forgot about the existence of the #appreciation tag - seems a bit underused at the moment so I can see about making a better effort in helping add that tag to posts such as the one above.

Thanks @mbauman !

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#usage is pretty broad — “discussions about using Julia” — so it’s my go-to place for things by default. Heck, I’d be tempted to just drop the “Usage” and just call it General.


Honestly, I am in favor of that.
Would certainly help me when I am thinking about categorizing or tagging things.
Not sure if that is a decision you can make or have to take back to the rest of the steward team, but I like the idea quite a lot.

Perhaps having categories General and How2, would be a good way to separate all the content in General usage? I noticed a lot of posts in GU were questions about how to do specific things.