SOLVED: Joining discord fails

I tried to join discord, but it failed with “internal server error”.

Perhaps I did not enter a valid registration ID?

I used this number without the hash:
Order #1381356530 - June 28, 2020

Perhaps I need to add the hash?

I could not find any other number in the email from EventBright.

Anybody else with the same problem?

Are you sure that is the number for the JuliaCon registration? Many people have successfully used this flow this morning. But someone else found that using a registration number from another event causes a “internal server error”.

Is that the case, maybe? There may be other issues, of course, but I thought it’s useful to verify.

I tried my number (without #), it seemed to work, but then the process hangs at ‘juliacon-bot wants to access your account’. Neither Authorize nor Cancel do anything.

I had a typo in the number. It works now. :smiley: