Solarized Dark theme with 1.6.0

If you noticed like me that some messages are invisible during precompilation with 1.6 when using the Solarized Dark theme in Linux you need to change some of the colors.
@dave.f.kleinschmidt proposed the following change to the solarized palette:
Change color8 (formerly #002b36) to #657b83


Maybe you know how to fix vim as well? With this setting, it looks ugly because it seems that vim's solarized color scheme uses color8 as background.

I unfortunately have no idea about Vim…

Not sure if that helps specifically, but the gruvbox themes are quite nice and look well here with Juia and vim (I moved from solarized to those): GitHub - morhetz/gruvbox: Retro groove color scheme for Vim

No, is not helping, cause I have a combination of terminal and vim with solarized theme. Because of this I am forced to live on patched version of Julia master, but occasionally I am hoping that there is an easier way.

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Is there an easy way to fix this on the julia side? I’ve also noticed that some lines from stacktraces are also invisible which is even more of a problem.

According to Fix of [#38730], solarized colorscheme bug fix by Arkoniak · Pull Request #38792 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub It looks like the consensus is to provide a general colorscheme mechanism, which is a much bigger task with unknown timeline.

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I fixed this in vim by switching to GitHub - lifepillar/vim-solarized8: Optimized Solarized colorschemes. Best served with true-color terminals! which I guess uses true-color instead of the fixed set of ANSI terminal colors.

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Ah, thanks for the advice, maybe it’ll help somebody in the future. Not my case though, I use 256 color terminal.