Software engineers to build AI system at PlantingSpace

PlantingSpace is an early stage startup with big ambitions of understanding humanity’s collective knowledge, and using it to answer questions and to get things done. We make heavy use of Julia in the core parts of our system.

We are looking for driven people who are interested in our goal and with strong Software Engineering background. See more information about applying and other published openings here:

Looking forward to applications at


From your website, it looks like compensation is the bounties attached to the posted tasks. Is that correct?

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No, the compensation we mention on the website is related to team members that would join and dedicate a majority of their time to the project, working on tasks that are not published externally.

The GitLab tasks that you mention are the few tasks that we make accessible to the public and that should give people a chance to work with us before committing to joining the project.

We will see if we can make it clearer on the website, thanks for the input.


Thanks for the applications! We are still looking for more great devs, so make sure to reach out if it sounds interesting to you.

We have also posted a new role focused more on Bayesian Inference - check it out under Inference researcher.

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Make sure to apply if it sounds interesting, we continue to grow our team.