Software Engineering at Freeform Future - 3D Metal Printing Startup

We’re looking for some experienced Software Engineers and Machine Learning Software Engineers for a variety of roles, and would love to find great folks with expertise in computer vision, heterogenous computing at scale, and/or computational geometry. If you are passionate about Julia and have experience in these areas, we’d love to speak with you! If you love challenging problems and want to work with an exceptionally qualified team, please consider applying.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Senior Software Engineer (Computational Geometry)

Senior Software Engineer (C++)

All Requisitions

About Us:
Freeform is a stealth-mode metal 3D printing startup founded on the belief that transforming the way things are made is essential to making the world a better place. Our advanced technology stack lies at the intersection of hardware, software, and data science, creating the foundation for the world’s first fully autonomous and scalable manufacturing system. Our core team hails from several of the world’s most innovative companies such as SpaceX, Hyperloop, and Blue Origin, and we have secured significant funding from several of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms.

3D printing experience is not required to be successful here - rather we look for smart, motivated, collaborative engineers who love solving hard problems and creating amazing technology!