SO bounty for resizing plots in Jupyter

I have put a 50 points bounty on resizing plots on Jupyter. The question was posted in 2017, and it seems possible with Python. So looking for a Julia solution


plot(1:5, size=(1000,1000)) works for me in Plots.jl (albeit tested in Julia 0.6).

Tested here with Julia 1.1.0. No problems either.

Can someone post on SO for the bounty

I do not think there really is a need for a different answer. The answer is there for Plots.jl, for which the OP said it does not work. The OP already knows how to set width and height in Vega.

The OP probably has (had) a problem with Jupyter installation or browser. Recently, someone from JuliaDynamics asked a similar question on Slack plotting channel that the size cannot be set (always too small) in Jupyter. All he had to do to solve the problem eventually was to click on the image of the plot once.

As the maintainer (of the currently defunct Vega.jl):

Not sure what issues the poster was having, just downloaded julia 0.6 and Vega 0.8 and it worked.

Actually, I tried the default(szie=(1000,300)) but it works on but doesn’t work offline on my Windows machine.