Snail: how to copy from the vterm buffer

When using Snail in emacs, how does one copy a portion of the vterm (Julia session) buffer? All the normal emacs keys are disabled in the buffer running the Julia REPL, so I can’t figure out how to invoke, say, vterm-copy-mode there.

Note: I asked the same question in this post.

It’s the same as in vterm buffers. The default binding is C-c C-t, select the text to copy then hit the enter kery.

Thanks but for me C-c C-t results in a message in the minibuffer: “C-c C-t is undefined”. I started using emacs long ago on a remote machine where there was no Meta key, so to enter M-x I’ve always typed ESC-x (the Escape key followed by x). This doesn’t work in the Snail vterm buffer, which is why I’ve been having problems. I finally realized after reading your response and playing around a bit more that I have to type ALT-x and then I can enter a command in the minibuffer, in this case vterm-copy-mode. So that’s my solution for now. As to why C-c C-t isn’t working, I have no idea.