Smarter, or at least less verbose, tab/auto completion.. using tools?

I use Julia REPL quite often and really enjoy the unicode completion a lot. That being said, Is it possible to incorporate FZF’s selection feature into tab completion? I understand OhMyREPL already uses fzf (or at least fzf-esque history look up), but I’m curious if there is a way to get a more lsp-y feel to REPL use. i.e. user types \ and instead of being inundated with a few hundreds rows of possible completions, a simple column opens where the user can scroll down with whatever keybinding they choose, to select their term (all the while a preview being rendered of said unicode). With regular terms tab completion is “smart enough” to only complete words with the same prefix, but even those aren’t selectable. Not sure if I’m getting this across correctly. This could also be extended with fzf’s fuzzy finding feature…
I bring up FZF as I’m familiar with it, but there are other similar tools that may fit better with Julia/Julia’s repl.