Slow performance while solving 1-d poisson equation using GeneralMIRK4() from BoundaryValueDiffEq

I solved 1-d poisson equation using julia 1.6.2 with BoundaryValueDiffEq package, it is taking very long time to solve. Same problem is taking less than a minute in python’s scipy.integrate.solve_bvp. Could anyone help me in figuring out the problem in the code. I have appended the file link here MOSPoisson.ipynb - Google Drive

Yes, it’s non-adaptive right now so it’s not great.

Thanks Chris, so is there any other Julia package for getting this faster

GitHub - luchr/ODEInterface.jl: julia package providing an interface for ODE-solvers written in Fortran</t has some wrappers of BVP solvers that might do a little bit better until we improve in this domain.

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Thanks, I will solve it this way then