Slow package load after initially starting Julia on Windows

When I open a fresh terminal session on Windows:

julia> @time using GLMakie
 56.724200 seconds (4.40 M allocations: 459.433 MiB, 0.63% gc time, 0.09% compilation time: 57% of which was recompilation)

If I then close the session and restart Julia:

julia> @time using GLMakie
  4.776639 seconds (4.40 M allocations: 459.435 MiB, 4.38% gc time, 1.13% compilation time: 62% of which was recompilation)

I then get similar timings for any subsequent runs.

Repeating this on WSL, first time:

@time using GLMakie
  3.147079 seconds (2.97 M allocations: 189.322 MiB, 5.05% gc time, 1.10% compilation time: 67% of which was recompilation)

and subsequent runs:

@time using GLMakie
  2.480276 seconds (2.97 M allocations: 189.323 MiB, 6.89% gc time, 1.44% compilation time: 69% of which was recompilation)

Windows and WSL both on Julia 1.10 installed via Juliaup.

Any ideas what could be the much slower first time on Windows?

Could you tell us about your hard drive setup?

It’s a Dell XPS 9510 with a NVMe PC SN810 NVMe WDC 1024GB SSD (1TB storage)