Move a plane with slider in Makie.jl


I tried to use Makie.jl to move a layer in a spatial plot via a slider and update the data depending on how the slider is set. This actually works quite well, but the layer is not moved with the ‘transformation - attribute’. Can anyone imagine what the reason for this is?

A related question would be if I need to use the lift function twice to change two variables through a slider, or is there another way?

Thanks a lot

    sl = layout[2, 1] = LSlider(scene, range = data[:, 1], startvalue = 30)

    sliceXY = lift(sl.value) do val1
       mat[val1, :, :]

    posXY = lift(sl.value) do val2
       data[val2, 2] / Crop

    AbstractPlotting.heatmap!(sf, sfy, sfz, sliceXY, transformation = (:yz, posXY))